Our Services

Fraud and compliance investigations

Compliance requirements are becoming a greater focus of management and thus a greater security concern. DRC personnel have many years of experience in completing in-depth interviews of fraud suspects and those violating company-mandated compliance rules. The results of our investigations give the client a clear understand of the depth of the problem, who was involved, and best possible solutions.

Pre-employment screening

DRC offers two levels of background checks on prospective employees. Our impartiality ensures you are getting an independent assessment of your new personnel. The reports may expose problems or omissions in terms of education, work experience, and examines criminal, bankruptcy, and litigation records. With the vast majority of theft problems being internal, your employees deserve to know that they can trust those they work with.

Due diligence

While lawyers and accountants have their own version of due diligence, DRC examines the people behind your prospective business partner or perhaps a new senior manager within your own company. It is this independent and thorough review that allows you to make the best decision for your company.

VIP Support

DRC can complete advance visits to sites where the VIP will go to ensure proper safety standards and practices are in place. We offer expedited service through Customs and Immigration at the airport, skilled defensive drivers, assistance with planning, and professional security personnel if needed for your VIP visitors.

Intellectual property protection

Counterfeiting is a massive problem in Thailand and all of Indochina, so DRC works with you or your law firm to investigate and locate illegal production or distribution of illicit goods. This can be done through investigations, surveillance or even undercover programs.