About Us

The experience of our employees is unsurpassed. Brian Dougherty, the Managing Director, has lived and worked in Asia for most of the past four decades and has provided commercial security services for a multinational client base since 1994, completing assignments in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company’s three directors bring many decades of commercial security, business management, law enforcement, and intelligence experience to the table.

All other operational staff in DRC have worked more than ten years in risk consulting and commercial security and have backgrounds in banking, university research, shipping, and undercover assignments to root out counterfeiters. The multi-purpose skills they bring to solve your problems include surveillance, defensive driving for VIPs, investigation, confrontational interviewing, and events’ security coordination.

DRC has a sister office in Phnom Penh that allows us to facilitate operational assignments in that country and Vietnam.

Brian Dougherty – Managing Director

Mr. Dougherty has worked in commercial security in SE Asia for 20 years, specializing in Indochina political risk. He managed the Thailand operations for two major international security consulting firms before venturing out on his own in 2012. Mr. Dougherty’s insights on the political scene in Thailand have been featured on CNN, CNBC, BBC and Australian Broadcasting.

Mr. Dougherty retired from the US Air Force in 1993 after a 20-year career in the intelligence field. He speaks Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese.

Keith N. Meader – Director

Mr. Meader has been an executive in the relocation services industry for 28 years and as well as an executive in the security industry for nine years. He is currently President and Chief Operating Officer of Transpo International Ltd. (Asian Tigers) based in Bangkok. He is responsible for the relocation services, housing /property business and household good moving services for the Asian Tigers offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Mr. Meader is past President of Brinks Inc. for the Asia Pacific Region and was responsible for the overall leadership of 11 country operations in the region. Prior to that, he served as Chief Operating Officer of the Santa Fe Group of Companies.

Before moving to Asia, Mr. Meader served for 14 years in various general management positions in the moving and relocation industry in the United States.

Robert “Bob” Burkes – Director

Mr. Burkes had a 28-year career with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation during which time he supervised all aspects of investigations in cases of organized crime, drug gangs, counter-terrorism, and intelligence. He has served as a legal attaché, covering all FBI operations in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. During the past five years, he was an advisor for transnational crimes at the Royal Thai Police. He resides in Bangkok though travels frequently to Cambodia. He speaks Thai and Khmer and reads Russian.