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Protecting your Assets in Indochina.

Dougherty Risk Consultancy (DRC) brings unparalleled experience in Indochina to support your needs. DRC provides Risk Reporting, fraud and compliance investigations, pre-employment screening, and in-depth due diligence of individuals and companies to protect your firm’s interests. We can also assist with VIP visits as well as Intellectual property protection.

About DRC

More than 40 years of combined experience in risk consulting and commercial security services, with background in banking, university research, shipping, and undercover assignments to root out counterfeiters.

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Asset Protection

The multi-purpose skils of the DRC Team can provide services such as surveillance, driving for VIPs, investigation, confrontational interviewing, and events' security coordination.

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Risk Reporting

With Thailand's tenuous security/safety situation, DRC offers concise information to understand the threats.

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